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Puppy Health Warranty

        We at Birddoghill certify that the puppy you purchased is in sound health at the time of sale to the best of our knowledge. All puppies have been given age appropriate vaccinations and worming as stated on the puppy health records. The buyer is responsible for future vaccinations, worming, and vet care.

        We cannot control any situations that may arise after a puppy leaves our care. Puppies sometimes become stressed when adopted and moved to their new home. The stress can be caused from a multitude of changes the puppy is encountering: changes in their diet, no longer taking the supplement, too much handling, not enough quiet time, ingesting something the puppy should not have, or not eating properly. This stress can cause opportunistic parasites/viruses to become an issue. These include but are not limited to: worms, ear mites, colds, hypoglycemia, coccidia, and giardiasis. These conditions are all treatable and do not warrant a replacement.

       A replacement puppy will be awarded if within one year a life limiting genetic disorder is found. Official reports from 2 unaffiliated veterinarians stating that, without a doubt, the puppy has a genetic defect that is life threatening. We will then confirm the diagnosis with our personal veterinarian. Birddoghill will not be responsible for any expenses the buyer may incur, including shipping or veterinarian expenses. The guarantee applies only to original buyer. Guarantee is for a replacement puppy or credit for a future puppy.

       The following are not covered by this guarantee:

                  Size, color, or temperament

                  External parasites: fleas, ticks, ear mites

                  Internal parasites: worms, protozoa. Almost every puppy has some sort of intestinal parasite during its time as a puppy. Although we worm our puppies                   regularly, it only takes a few days for them to pick up another pesky culprit. Puppies are like small children and love to explore, this makes them even more vulnerable.

          Please be aware that as a new puppy owner you share in the responsibility to help prevent hip dysplasia. There is more and more evidence showing that environment plays a much bigger role in hip dysplasia than was once thought. It is important to feed a high quality age appropriate food, continue the supplement NuVet Plus, and not to allow the puppy to overexert hips by running on hard surfaces or excessive jumping. Hips cannot be accurately judged until 2 years of age.

         It is the responsibility of the new puppy owner to provide adequate food, water, shelter, and veterinarian care. We breed our puppies from some of the finest breeding stock, feed quality feed, and start the puppy on the proper footing with the NuVet Supplement. Through proper diet, exercise and quality of living conditions, the new family plays the ultimate role in helping the puppy grow into a healthy adult. 

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