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Past Puppies

We LOVE to see pictures of puppies that we raised and hear how they are doing!!

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English Springer Spaniels

Brody Barnes

Brody will be 3 years old on April 28, we got him in July 2016 from you guys! He is the best dog ever and loves to hunt squirrels. Thanks for giving us a best friend, we love him so much!


I just wanted to send you an e-mail to send you some pics of Aero. It's hard to believe she will be turning 2 soon. She is such a wonderful dog and we get compliments all the time about how gorgeous she is (and she knows As you can see in the one pic, she absolutely loves to run the farm field when ever we make the trip up to Michigan to visit family. I hope you and your family are all doing well. 

Ellie & Mo

Brother and Sister puppies owned by Sisters!!


I just wanted to thank you again for FLASH! He has been a wonderful addition to my life and has made this past year one of my favorites. He is constantly complimented on his good looks and happy go lucky demeanor. Here are some pictures of Flash's 1st birthday party (Its was Star Wars themed as he was born on may 4th. May the 4th be with you) Katie Smart


Hi Chase&Cheri                                                                                                            May 09, 2014

Today is Lily's birthday and we took this picture for you to post. She has been a pleasure to have and keeps us in stitches with all of her unique antics. We waited awhile after losing our previous pet, but the emptiness was far greater than the grief. She has filled the void in our lives for which we are thankful for. I highly recommend Bird Dog Hill Kennel for anyone looking for a quality animal and the people are really nice as well.

Dragon and Family


You guys breed really great dogs, Gaius has been nothing but a joy since I brought him home, thanks so much and keep up the good work.


Phil Call


Just a quick note to let you know that Murphy (Buddy) is doing great in his new home! He is so healthy and super smart! He has adjusted so well to living with our family and our 10 year old Lab! He is totally house broken and loves his crate to sleep in. He has learned to sit, stay, come, fetch, walk on a leash and is learning to look for birds! Here are a few pictures so you can see how well he is doing. Everywhere we go he is a big hit and admired for his good looks and great disposition ! Thanks again for the wonderful experience in choosing Murphy!

Mark and Betsey Gregoire


Hello Kinder Family,

Attached you will find a new updated picture of Brinkley that was taken today. I came home from work and we were playing outside. Brinkley aka "No Name" has been loosing his baby teeth. He is becoming a big boy and I love him very much. Thank you again for giving me such a beautiful boy. My mom and I love him each and everyday.

Laura Kutsko


Sue Rilley and family


Hi Kinder Family!

Just wanted to let you guys know that Remington (Drake) is doing great! He loves to run and play with his big sister Emma Jean! He is a non-stop runner and loves water. He is so smart and obeys several commands, even at this young age. He loves to ride in the car and goes about everywhere with us! We couldn't have ask for a better dog. He's growing fast and is almost as tall as Emma Jean who is about a year and a half old. Thanks again for a great puppy!

Pat and Cindy Miller - Zanesville, OH


Hello Kinder Family!

Here are some pictures of Finn. He is a wonderful addition to our family and we love him. Thank you for entrusting us to bring him into our home. If you ever want to come and see him, we can come for a visit or your family can come here. He is growing so fast. He is going to be a good swimmer. He already wants to jump into the water when my son is taking a bath. He also loves the snow. He has a wonderful disposition and is a gentle little guy. Thank you again.

The Watkins Family


Bird Dog Hill,

We just wanted to share some photos of Sparky. He has been a wonderful addition to our family. He is loves to chase tennis balls, get belly rubs and sleep on your pillow.

You may remember that we were concerned about Libby and her allergies and I am happy to report that she does just fine with him and they are tireless "chuck-it" pals.

Sparky had a great first Christmas...he thought having a tree in the house was a FANTASTIC idea.

Thank you for such a happy a healthy dog. We love him so much.

Michele Sparks

Chagrin Falls OH

Bailee & Dale

Brotherly Love:

They are doing great and are a joy. Thanks

Heather Kapostasy


Jimmy is the best! We are completely in love as you can imagine.


I just had one of the sweetest events of my life :) A few months ago, my Mom in Erie, PA mentioned she had met a new neighbor and they had a 10 year old female English Springer Spaniel.

When visiting my parents this past weekend, we went to visit this dog named Penny. When there, the homeowner said his son from Pittsburgh was visiting and he too has an English Springer Spaniel puppy.

After talking about Bogie and Jimmy, we discovered they are from the same litter!!!

Attached are some pictures of the two of these sweet pups just over 6 months (born on 8/27).

Bishop Family - Pittsburgh, PA


Owned by Laura & Don in Midland, PA.

Abby & Jessie - Sisters owned by sisters!


Owned by Dolly & Mike in Midland, Pa

Stella & Spags

Owned by The Ruiter family in McDonald, Ohio


Sara was born in February of 2010 and we purchased her from you in April of 2010. Just to let you know she is a darling. Everyone who meets her just goes crazy over her. She has the greatest disposition and gets along with everything and everyone except the deers and squirrels. If we ever decide to get another dog we will be back. Hope all is going well with you and your family.

Tom and Debbie Shepard

Medina, Ohio


we love our Chewie sooo much ... best dog in the world!!!! thank you so much!!

-Slater Family Rogers, Ohio


Owned by Will & Colby Purkel - New Orleans

Rusty's encounter with a crawfish...


Owned by Rick, Vyktrya, & Lucy Reynolds

Toby is doing great! He greets Lucy every day as she gets off her bus! He is just over 25lbs. We have him do his daily routine of tricks: sit & stay, roll over, shake, high five, speak, play dead. He is working on balancing a bone on his nose and eating it on command!


I also wanted to send yall this pic...He was so wore out from running around outside all day at my inlaws in miss when we went for this past week that he fell asleep chewing on his ball. He truly is a great dog.-- ~~Shelley~~


Owned by Kyle in Cincinnati, OH.

Sideburn Mama

Owned by Derrick in Columbus, OH.

"She is growing and doing so well. Her

personality is awesome and she is learning so quickly! Thanks so much!!"

Sidney and Lucy

Owned by Mandy and Bryan in Pittsburgh, PA.


Owned by the Decko family of Mantua, OH.


Owned by Sarah in Boardman, OH.


Annie is so beautiful. She loves to snuggle!

Owned by Cathy in Egg Harbor Twp, NJ

Annie gets a sister....

Annie & Maddie

Maui on The Coast

Owned by Jenny in Marble Head Island, OH.

"She is a little blessing and has fit right into our family. She is very happy and very willing to learn. She has quite a personality!"


Owned by Bonnie & Mark Prady.

"Bailey is adjusting very well to life in our household. Riley has adapted very well to having a sister. They have a great time running around the yard and playing in the house. Thanks for such a great dog! We love her so much!!"


Owned by Sharon Olson.

"Bentley is so eager to please. The little girl across the street asked if I could come over and train her dog as good as Bentley. She is a pleasure!"


The two of us just got in from a walk. It is cold up here in Petoskey Michigan but Cooper doesn't seem to mind! He is the greatest dog.

Thanks again,

Laura, Brian, Cooper, and Skip :)


Owned by Bruce and Janis Chambers.


Owned by the Finney family in Boardman, OH.

"Cady's 4th birthday. Thanks again for such a GREAT dog!


Abby is doing great! Thanks for Everything!

Ron, Carolyn, Liz and Ron from Long Island, NY


Sam is doing well. He's growing fast and our children love him!

The Hershberger Family - Pennsylvania


She's so curious and playful- we love her a ton! She is so smart! Update: What a beautiful dog she has turned into. She's still a quick learner and is doing really well in her obedience class- has learned some hand signals too. She absolutley loves to swim!

Reana and Adam - Buffalo, NY


Archie has a blast with his big brother Rosco. Archie loves to go for walks anD play in the yard. We are very thankful to you for allowing us to take him.

The Jordan Family


Pete is the smartest dog. We absolutely love him. We can't thank you enough!!

The Botinovich Family - Pennsylvania


She is such an absolute joy. She is a good puppy, funny as all get up. She is such a sweet girl!

The Barrett Family - Anchorage, Alaska

English Setters


Don Konuszewski - Saginaw, Mi

Scout on point

Video of Scout:

Daisy & Dexter

Brother & Sister owner by the Dedona family in Windsor, Canada


Hi, it's Kris & Gabe Pierce. We bought an English Setter puppy from you in December. We named him Remington. He is settling in nicely.

Remington loves his new big brother Baxter. They play & sleep together.


Sean, Erin, and Morgan Peacock

Zoey is reunited with her brother Wade! Now they get to grow up together.


Hi. Just wanted to send you some pics of our puppy, Cash. Buck/Wayland is Cash's brother. Cash is such a happy boy and so well behaved. We love him!!!

Thank you!

The Stoltenberg Family


Videoof Bentley in his new home! VERY cute! (Click on the word video to watch it!!)

Thank you Sonner Family Hamburg, NY


Hi Guys,

Just wanted to send you some recent pictures of Buck AKA Wayland. He is the love of our life! He is still the happiest, most well behaved, and playful pup. Everyone goes ga-ga over him when we go on our walks. We were so happy to see that Buck has new brothers and sisters.

Take care, The Ryan family Brownsville PA

Mollie Mae

We wanted to share updated photos of our beautiful girl, Mollie Mae. She is a wonderful addition to our family and we can't imagine life without her. She has such an endearing personality and has added so much fun to our household. I've included a few photos to show her progression as she has grown up. She was born Summer 2012 and her parents are Cider and Danny.

Thank you,

Peggy, Marissa, and Wesley

Columbia Station, Ohio


Owned by Lynda Burns in Bar Harbour, Maine.



Ginger Snap

Never ever spoil your Bird Dogs!!!

Thanks again, She is a great pup!!

Gene & Susy Webster - New Philadelphia, OH


"She is so precious and totally spoiled rotten! She is such a part of our family now & has settled in very well. We are in LOVE! Thanks again for all your help in getting her to us. She is such a great dog!"

The Gentry Family - Texas

Our little girl is really growing up! We just got her back from a month of puppy training and she did great! Thought you'd like these pictures. She's a GREAT dog and we love her!!



Dear Kinder Family,

Attached are photos of our dog Jackson. He was one of Chloe's pups from her first litter of December 24th 2012. Jackson is doing well in the Taylor Household. He an avid swimmer and is very intelligent with tricks and commands. Though he can be headstrong at times, we all love him very much. Thanks for raising such a fine pup!


The Taylor Family

Boardman , Ohio

M Sevenich

The Sevenich Family

Leetonia, Ohio


His name is Maverick and he is one smart puppy with great personality. He is a wonderful pup. And everyone in the family loves him and spoils him rotten.

Scott Anderson - Youngstown, Ohio

Raschilla Family

Maizy loves the water,loves to retrieve,loves to play,and loves us!

Curtis Raschilla

The Tichy Family

Kevin & Mary Lou from Strongsville, Ohio


Owned by Jennifer Escheman - Sewell, New Jersey

"He is getting so BIG! He is doing very well and is so intelligent!"



Donna and Sue Parker - Canfield, Ohio

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